Land Rover

In celebration of the iconic Land Rover Defender a Series Two Defender was transformed into a giant camera obscura.

We approached Land Rover with this idea which lead to the local Land Rover outlet providing a 1957 Series 2 Defender to use for the project.

The open top allowed us to make a blackout tent which covered the whole car. By placing an aperture at the back of the tent the car was transfromed into a camera obsura, allowing panoramic exposures to be taken & printed

By merging a traditional photography technique with the car, we were able to take exposures in different locations bringing an experience of the obscura to the panoramic images.

Each exposure location has a significance to the Defender. This is an on going project in which we will find places all over the world, where the Defender has been a significant vehicle, to take panoramic exposures creating a collection unique to this iconic car.

In colabirtaion with Fred Woodward Gentle